Institutional Planning and Governance Portfolio

One of the key resultant areas of this portfolio is the:

Management of Corporate Governance and Risks as well as to serve as a custodian of good governance based on King 1V requirements and ensure the direction of endeavours towards a sustainable institution and values in a transparent manner and,

To ensure that the institution is able to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through environmental awareness, Ethical Behaviour and sound corporate practices as well as to develop and be the custodian of an institutional code of conduct and ethics.

Constitution of South Africa

In terms of Section 195 (1) of the Constitution Act no:108 of 1996 “ a high standard of professional Ethics must be promoted and maintained in Public Administration generally” which basically encourages all public servants in their conduct to achieve service excellence to desist from corrupt and unprofessional conduct

What is Ethics?

Ethics is about what is good and what is right in human actions (D.Rossouw and L. van Vuuren 2017).

It is a set of moral values and principles that guide the conduct of government officials, organisations, professionals and individuals and these values are embraced by every religion and taught in the home.

It is standards of duty and virtue that indicate how we should behave

It is about right and wrong and how an honourable person should behave

It is about being a good person

It is about what you do when no one else is watching.

Ethical Conduct at UKZN

The university has embraced the principle that our Governance should be grounded on an ethical foundation and the university is rigorously pursuing to fulfil its moral obligations to produce responsible citizens by the promotion of an ethical culture at our institution.

We uphold the universities REACHT values, principles, norms and standards that UKZN promotes for guiding and conducting our activities, internal relations and external relations.

As a university that is competing against  the top universities globally and locally , we strive to deliver the highest possible standards of governance and business ethics across the institution.


People and Institutional Climate is one of the strategic Factors underpinning the strategic plan.

Leadership has embraced the ideal of servant leadership where Moral consciousness is appreciated and assessed through ways that inspire trust, pride and mutual confidence.

For further information on Ethics

Contact :
Tony Singarum
Certified Ethics Officer-EO876
Institutional Planning and Governance
Room 159 ,Admin Building  (Westville Campus)
Tel: 2607211

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