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Victoria and Griffiths Mxenge Memorial Lecture 06/04/2017 06/04/2017
Antimicrobial Resistance Symposium 06/04/2017 06/04/2017
Awareness Seminar: Harmful Cultural/Traditional Practices and Early Marriages 29/03/2017 29/03/2017
Awareness Seminar: Blessers’ Syndrome = Linkages with Prostitution 28/03/2017 28/03/2017
CCS Seminar: The Communists after Communism - The South African Communist Party during National Democracy 1990-2017 24/03/2017 24/03/2017
CCRRI Seminar: Revolution, Restitution and Redress: Obligations Towards Restoring Our Humanity 23/03/2017 23/03/2017
UKZN-YALE ENT Head and Neck Symposium 16/03/2017 16/03/2017
International Monetary Fund - Public Lecture 16/03/2017 16/03/2017
CCS Seminar: Photo Exhibition - Durbanity 09/03/2017 09/03/2017
Public Discussion by KZN’s Leading Auditing Firms 09/03/2017 09/03/2017
Auditing Public Debate Forum 09/03/2017 09/03/2017
CCS Seminar: On change, Conflicts and Planning Theory: The Transformative Potential of Disruptive Contestation 02/03/2017 02/03/2017
Discussion on The Legacy of President Barack Obama Presented by Tomika Konditi (Political Officer US Consulate) 28/02/2017 28/02/2017
Public Research Talk: Metaheuristics for Optimization: Recent Trends and Future Directions 28/02/2017 28/02/2017
Public Research Talk: Numerical Optimisation by Differential Evolution 27/02/2017 27/02/2017
Africa Solidarity Network (ASONET) Community Building Workshop: Criminalisation of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech 24/02/2017 24/02/2017
CCS Seminar: (No) Limits to Extraction? Popular Mobilization and the Impacts of the Extractive Industries in KZN 09/02/2017 09/02/2017
National Health Insurance Public Engagement: Does the White Paper Adequately Respond To SA’s Constitutional Human Rights 03/02/2017 03/02/2017
Public Talk: Energy Modeling in the South African Power Sector 25/01/2017 25/01/2017
Juego Flamenco at Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 8-11 December 2016. 08/12/2016 11/12/2016
3rd National Conference on Global Change 05/12/2016 08/12/2016
College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science Postgraduate Research Day 29/11/2016 29/11/2016
CCS Seminar: The ‘New Urban Agenda’ – Report Back from Habitat III, United Nations Conference 28/11/2016 28/11/2016
College of Humanities 4th Academic Monitoring and Support Research Colloquium 2016 25/11/2016 25/11/2016
SMSCS Research Seminar: Cryptography Using Evolutionary Computing 22/11/2016 22/11/2016
Public Talks Evening: UKZN-NAOC Astronomy Partnership 21/11/2016 21/11/2016
CCS Seminar: "From Trump to BRICS, Where is Civil Society Headed?" by Patrick Bond 18/11/2016 18/11/2016
Invitation: College of Humanities 4th Academic Monitoring and Support Research Colloquium 2016 02/11/2016 25/11/2016
CCS Seminar: Arguments in Favour of Putting the SA Government's Nuclear Plans to a Popular Referendum 28/10/2016 28/10/2016
CCS Seminar: Social Constructions of Environmental Services in a Rapidly Densifying Peri-urban Area 26/10/2016 26/10/2016
Public Lecture: When Governance Collapses: Implications for society and movements like the Fees Must Fall 13/10/2016 13/10/2016
Public Lecture: 2nd Annual Mafika Gwala Lecture and Book Launch 06/10/2016 06/10/2016
Grant Writing Workshop: Practical Tips and Guidelines 29/09/2016 29/09/2016
UKZN's First Powerlifting Competition hosted by the College of Health Sciences and KZN PF 16/09/2016 16/09/2016
2016 John Langalibalele Dube Memorial Lecture 15/09/2016 15/09/2016
Public Talk: "Chemical Evolution of the Universe and The Origin of Life" by Professor Sandip K Chakrabarty 07/09/2016 07/09/2016
Book Launch: "Banjaras" by Sylvia Garib 03/09/2016 03/09/2016
CCS Seminar: Challenges of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in South Africa 26/08/2016 26/08/2016
4th Business Management Conference 24/08/2016 26/08/2016
CCS Seminar: Challenging Secrecy and Surveillance: Building Anti-Surveillance Activism 19/08/2016 19/08/2016
CCS Seminar: Sight on the Target - Tackling Destructive Fishing 12/08/2016 12/08/2016
GSB&L Business Forum: Celebrating Women in Leadership 12/08/2016 12/08/2016
The Great UKZN Science Show-Off 11/08/2016 11/08/2016
The Sankofa Band led by Professor Salim Washington at The Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 03/08/2016 03/08/2016
2016 Elections Debate 29/07/2016 29/07/2016
Public Discussion: KZN Budget and Its Impact on the Economy of the Province 29/07/2016 29/07/2016
CCS Seminar: Strategic Narratives of Infrastructural Development: Is BRICS Modernising the Tale? 26/07/2016 26/07/2016
NITheP Seminar on " Women and diversity in Physics by Prof. Pauline Gagnon from Indiana University 14/07/2016 14/07/2016
CCS Seminar: "The Political Consequences of Mobilizations against Resource Extraction" by Moises Arce 12/07/2016 12/07/2016
Identity Politics & Activism in Academia: Pitfalls or Opportunity? 30/06/2016 30/06/2016
Performances of the Musical OKLAHOMA by Rodgers and Hammerstein 23/06/2016 26/06/2016
CCS Workshop: Zimbabwe's Despondent Political Economy 13/06/2016 14/06/2016
GSB&L Open Day in Richards Bay 10/06/2016 10/06/2016
Public Lecture by Eusebius McKaiser 09/06/2016 09/06/2016
Vetch's Beach and Pier Clean-up 04/06/2016 04/06/2016
Public Talk: "Are we Alone? The Breakthrough Initiatives" by Dr S Pete Worden 30/05/2016 30/05/2016
Jazz Voice Showcase at Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 25/05/2016 25/05/2016
MBA Open Evening 19/05/2016 19/05/2016
Public Lecture: "Green Housing Initiative: A Panacea for Affordable Home Ownership" by Professor Antonio Frattari 17/05/2016 17/05/2016
SA Reserve Bank Lecture on Monetary Policy 07/05/2016 07/05/2016
Seminar on Bringing About a Step Change in Organisational Renewal in Universities 06/05/2016 06/05/2016
Public Seminar: Modelling the Diagnosis of TB in South Africa 28/04/2016 28/04/2016
Customary Law Seminar 22/04/2016 22/04/2016
Free Seminar on Personal Branding 20/04/2016 20/04/2016
SAAE/UKZN Lecture: Professor Maarten de Wit - Karoo Dilemmas: Prospective shale gas development 14/04/2016 14/04/2016
Mxenge Memorial Lecture by the Honourable Chief Justice Mogoeng 14/04/2016 14/04/2016
Neil Gonsalves, Natalie Rungan and Bruce Baker at Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 13/04/2016 13/04/2016
Topical Legal Matters by Justice Edwin Cameron 07/04/2016 07/04/2016
Public Seminar by Holly Lewis: Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Texas State University 07/04/2016 07/04/2016
CCS Film screening: The Shore break 06/04/2016 06/04/2016
Forest Jam Orchestra at Centre for Jazz and Popular on Wednesday 06 April 2016 at 18:00. 06/04/2016 06/04/2016
Royal Society Lecture by Professor Cristina Trois: Waste as a Resource - It is Possible! 05/04/2016 05/04/2016
Tatum Cox’s MMus recital (recorder) Wednesday 30 March at OSCA 30/03/2016 30/03/2016
CCS Seminar: KZN's Internally Displaced People 30/03/2016 30/03/2016
CCS Seminar: India in Turmoil by Hafsa Kanjwal 23/03/2016 23/03/2016
CCS Seminar: "Strength of Nonviolent Action" by Dieter Lunse 22/03/2016 22/03/2016
Free Lunch Hour Concert by AMD 3 Group 3 at Howard College Theatre 16/03/2016 16/03/2016
19th Time Of The Writer Opening Night 14/03/2016 19/03/2016
CCS Seminar: "The Role of Black Women in Liberation" by Ya Ashantewaa K.Archer-Ngidi 10/03/2016 10/03/2016
Free Lunch Hour Concert by AMD 3 (Group 2) 09/03/2016 09/03/2016
Film Screening and Discussion: "Roadmap to Apartheid" 09/03/2016 09/03/2016
John Funkhouser (USA) at Centre for Jazz and Popular Music 09/03/2016 09/03/2016
Fulbright Programme Information Evening- Hosted by the US Consul General and K-RITH 09/03/2016 09/03/2016
Film Screening and Discussion: "The Stones Cry Out" 07/03/2016 07/03/2016
Public Seminar on the Kairos Palestine Document 07/03/2016 07/03/2016
CCS Seminar: "Dams, Displacement and the Delusion of Development" by Allen and Barbara Isaacman 04/03/2016 04/03/2016
Public Discussion of the National Budget 04/03/2016 04/03/2016
Public Talk: Legitimization & Professionalisation of Traditional Healers in South Africa 03/03/2016 03/03/2016
Unite Against Sexual Violence on Campus: 2 March 2016 02/03/2016 02/03/2016
Sound, Love, Peace and Honesty by trumpeter Sibusiso Mkhize at Centre for Jazz and Popular Wednesday 02 March 2016 27/02/2016 02/03/2016
Public Lecture: Results of the ASPIRE STUDY 25/02/2016 25/02/2016
Public Lecture: Remembering Mzala: 25 Years On 24/02/2016 24/02/2016
CCS Seminar: "Can the SA Budget afford #FeesMustFall Demands and other Social Spending?" by Patrick Bond 23/02/2016 23/02/2016
CCS Seminar: A History of Dockers, Social Movements and Transnational Solidarity in Durban and San Francisco 17/02/2016 17/02/2016
CCS Seminar: AFRICOM’s New Math and “Scarier” Times Ahead in Africa 05/02/2016 05/02/2016
CCS Seminar: Central African and Zimbabwean Geopolitics and their Implications for Durban Civil Society 27/01/2016 27/01/2016
CCS Seminar: African Geopolitics and their Implications for Durban Civil Society 11/01/2016 11/01/2016
Public Lecture: "The Elusive Photon: A Story of Light" by Professor Howard Carmichael 09/12/2015 09/12/2015
CCS Seminar: Influencing Society's Views of Refugees 09/12/2015 09/12/2015

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Did you Know?

UKZN’s School of Information Systems and Technology was the first university in South Africa to introduce Podcasting as an educational tool.

The University enjoys a century of academic advancements.

Spud author, John Van De Ruit, graduated from UKZN.

UKZN is the third most productive university in South Africa in terms of research output

South Africa's best-known and most popular television maths and science teacher William Smith obtained a Master’s degree from the former University of Natal

UKZN is one of three African universities rated amongst the top 500 universities of the world according to the Academic Rankings of World Universities(ARWU).

The multimillion-rand KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS (K-RITH), an international centre of scientific research, is located on the University's Medical school campus.

The University offers approximately 2 000 academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

UKZN has been home to many successful sportsman over the years, Tommy Bedford a former Springbok Rugby player, Shaun Pollock & Jonty Rhodes South African Cricketers.

Some high profile businessmen studied at UKZN, Sol Kerzner the developer of Lost city & more, Stephen Saad the CEO & founder of Aspen Pharmacare Holdings, Guy Brazier the regional leader of Deloitte & Alan Olivier the CEO of Grindrod Group.

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